Application of Nyx-Accepted

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Should Nyx be accpeted into Pagan School

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Application of Nyx-Accepted

Post by Guest on Thu Mar 25, 2010 11:58 am

Student Registration Form

First Name: Mary

Last Name: McKinnis

Email / Username: / Nyx

Confirm Email:

I am at least 16 years old: Yes...thank the goddess...I'd HATE to go through puberty again.

Chosen Path: Wicca, Solitary Witch

What you wish to gain from attending the Pagan Unite School: Knowledge...specifically in Wiccan ways/spells. I also wish to expand my psychic abilities. I am an empath also. I love to learn. I'm like a dog with a bone sometimes, lol...once I start something, I don't let it go.

Do you agree not to share what you learn with others until you are learned enough to Mentor/Teach others:Yes

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