Course manifest. - Updated (03/27/10)

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Course manifest. - Updated (03/27/10)

Post by Guest on Fri Mar 26, 2010 12:30 am

I will be offering these courses as of this date. Their appearance will be dated.

The Basics: Essiential knowledge and skills for any magical art. (Added: 03/26/10)

Wicca: Bodhisattva's personal version of Wicca.

General Metaphysics: the study of different metaphysical subjects.

Divination: Many ways to predict the future and among other uses.

Healing: The arts of restoring simple creatures to nations.

Crystals: Their various uses and how to use them.

Ceremonial Magick: General ceremonial magick.

Thelema: A subschool of ceremonial magick. Greatly evolving around deities.

Enochian: A subschool of ceremonial magick. Entails the usage of spirits.

Qabalah: A sub school of ceremonial magick. Evolves around angels and demons.

Mental arts: Remote viewing, astral projection and the such.

Herbology. Common herbs are their uses.

Generalized Magick: Belonging to no school, just pure magick.

Gods, and other beings: A course about Gods and other spiritual beings.

More courses will be constructed and added. Course material is subject to change.

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