Candle Magic the Basics

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Candle Magic the Basics

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 9:32 pm

Candle Magic the Basics

The use of the candle in Magic’s goes back to almost 300 B.C. They are linked to use in Egyptian times where they were made of tree pitch.

When used in Magic’s it is the simplest of tool to use in Cleansings and in Blessings and Spell Castings. The most common candles used be White. It is said that it being White signifies “Virgin” in nature too it be said to use a fresh candle every time. Like all things it brings in and gives out energies or vibrations it has around it at the time of use.

Traditionally White Candles are used but in more modern traditions they have been broken down by colours and further there in by meanings. I use a White one for all things I do. White is the purest of energies and White Light is Universal Light.

The candle can be used in many a thing. One can use the Candle for a Blessing or making a wish then blowing it out. The candle to can be used for Spells where one take pen to paper and writes down what one wants or desires and simply lights the candle and burns that paper into the Light. With the intentions of what be written come to pass.

Depending on where one chooses to read some say unscented and White be best other’s say one need to have a full set up. The Alter, Incense, and a candle of corresponding color to what one wants to obtain.

The common steps one’s take are preparing and alter and burning of incense the preparations of self this often means a bath in mineral or sea salts. Then the cleansing of the candle done with Sage or Salts.

One should always use a blessing or ask for Light protections before the casting of any spell. Too remember what one does might well come back on them.

Like all things candle spells are done both in the Light and the Dark .

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