Using the Four Elements in Balace Air and Fire

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Using the Four Elements in Balace Air and Fire

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 9:37 pm

Using the Four Elements in Balance


Take a deep breath into your heart, and let it out. As ye breath in, take a moment to think on the mystery of the Air around us. We live in a World of many an animal and we all need in that Air to live. We to also live in a World of plants that take in the carbon dioxide we exhale. They too take in like us the energy of the Sun. The plants give off oxygen so we can eat them. Breathing in and out in the life cycle that is our very breath.


Take the time to watch the flame of a candle. See how it is fed by wick that gives it life. See how the wax melts away and turns from solid to liquid and to solid again. See how the combinations of gas, liquid and solid combine as one. See the pure energy in the fire. The ash from it that feeds our very soil. Too the Sun be a ball of fire that gives the Earth the life we have. Embrace the power in the flame but too respect that power.

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