Using the Four Elements in Balace Water and Earth

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Using the Four Elements in Balace Water and Earth

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 9:38 pm


Water is that of the moods and emotions. Water can be but a single drop of rain that falls or a massive wave that destroys. It can nourish and it can destroy. We do our best to contain it and use it but we are not its master. Take the time to see in one’s mind the moods that be water. The rain on a window, the waves of the ocean, the stillness of a creek, or the rage of a river and of a giant wave. Let it flow fast and slow and slow and fast, see how that feels. Many times one will find memories that stir the feelings. Take in the understandings found in those feelings.


Take a walk in the forest. See the trees before one. Feel their trunks as ye and feel the roots at one’s feet. Feel the branches that reach to the Light. Smell the nature around one see the new life all around ye. Let ye become the tree feel the power being grounded to the Earth. Feel the soil around ye and the wind in ye. Feel the warmth of the Sun. Feel the power that be Mother Earth. Play in this place and grow in this place.
Feel the security of all that is around one in nature. Take in with all the senses the feel of nature. See the animals around one.

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