The Four Elementals - Evolving fomr a Greek Perspective

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The Four Elementals - Evolving fomr a Greek Perspective

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 9:41 pm

The Four Element - Evolving from a Greek Perspective

If one looks to the Greek philosopher Empedocles, who wrote a Doctrine on the Four Elements in the 5th Century B.C. He felt that all matter is based on Four Elements which are Earth, Air, Fire and Water. He described Fire and Air as outwardly moving elements going upwards, and Earth and Water as inward moving elements going downwards.

In being a philosopher Empedocles combines the knowledge of science with the spiritual.
He felt that the elements were both of the physical realms and of material matter, but also
Held Spiritual Essence.

In Greek Religion the elements go to God’s and Goddesses ’ of the times. So Air - went with Zeus, Earth - went with Hera, Fire - went with Hedes and Water - went with Nestis.

Later in time they were put forth to the further studies in Astrology and later still Tarot.

For Astrology - they are broken down into personality traits and the Zodiac symbols are broken into sub groups with them. To the evolution of using such traits to pick one’s mate match.

They are broken down in the four group elements with the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

Earth : from astrology

Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo

These represent in a person, the practical, realistic material nature. Are one’s that seek a stable and secure lifestyle and an environment that holds structures.

Earth sign one’s tend to be patient and reliable in nature. One’s are often logical in seeking answers to life’s questions. Good at balancing a relationship.

Like all things there is a flip side. They can be stubborn in nature, fears taking that leap of faith.
Does not like to step from one’s comfort zones. Can be materialistic at times. Not openly giving of one’s material gains.

Air : From Astrology

Astrology - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

These represent in a person, the realms of the intellectual. It is via Air that we gain and learn. Many of Air signs be the inventors and forward thinkers. They are one’s that can let thoughts flow freely from them. They are comfortable around people and are able to convey messages with ease. Open to the ideas of others and new and different perspectives. Too they can be one that is fit to flightiness if not kept balanced. Seeks balance and consistency in day’s life.

The counter balance is that they can lack in emotions. Is one that needs to seek and find that place of inner peace and acceptance. In need of harmony in life. Does not do well if life not be in balance.

Fire: From Astrology

Astrology - Leo, Sagittarius, Aeries

These represent one’s that have a life force growing in them. These one’s are self-expressive and creative. Ready to take on things without hesitations or fears. One does have to be wary that one does not trample one’s on the path. Kept in check one is able to achieve one’s goals in life.

The counter balance is that they can be self - centered and a bit with EGO. Have a lack
Of interests at times in focus. Think of one as too self important at times.

Water: From Astrology

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

These represent in a person the traits that can work with both influence and conscious thought. One’s often are good with understating the pain in others and being able to give forth compassionate understandings. One’s of the Water sign often seek to heal other’s and the nature around them. Can run too open to emotions at times that can lead to ups and downs along life’s path. They are one’s that need calm in life, too much outward exposure can lead one down a path of depression.

The counter balance is that one can be too protective in nature. Can at times have a lack of forward motion. Is one that has to watch for being possessive of another.


From the view of Carl Jung

“ Air moves us
Fire transforms us
Water shapes us
Earth heals us.”

This too is based on the Wicca teachings.

Jung breaks them down as :

Earth - Sensations
Air - Thinking
Fire - Intuition
Water - Feelings / Emotions

In Tarot they go to :

Earth - Pentacles
Air - Swords
Fire - Wands
Water - Cups

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