The Four Elemental's Empedocles

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The Four Elemental's Empedocles

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 9:49 pm

The Four Elemental’s Empedocles

Fire, Air, Water, Earth

According to the Greek Philosopher Empedocles who was a healer, scientist and philosopher of the times, all matter comprises of four elements. Four tied to the Planet Earth, they are Fire, Air, Water, Earth.

He explained that the interactions of these four elements had an effect on the very life energies of Love and Strife. One has to remember this was Ancient Greece and very much a time tied still to the Gods and Goddesses of the day. Love was Philotes and Strife was Neilos and were assigned to Aphrododite and Ares. The age was of Aphrododite, the age of things being in balance and all things were surrounded in love. BUT Strife from the River Styx came into the realm and broke the bonds of unity causing a break in the unity. The two Love and Strife now became four. It was thought that there was one immoral soul Love but that too was to be divided to many souls. Thus the River of Souls. From this came forth the idea of the soul being re born again to a new body.

Empedocles broke from traditional thinking of the day and his ideas went on to shape the devotement is the Atomic Age. Where the idea that an amount of this combined with that would bring on a change in the matter of the item.

In his thoughts as the elements broke up so they dispersed to all parts of the universe. Creating life to where they traveled. Where original thought of the day was that all things were contained in one sphere. Nothing was outside this.

His writings went on to shape parts of Spirituality and Science alike. To start opening thoughts in how life came to be how matter worked and combined. How there was more than just a sphere of the Earth.

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