New Moon Magic

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New Moon Magic

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 9:51 pm


The new Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are aligned in the same sign, an a strong energy portal is opened to the Universe. It is a time to set goals one wants to obtain or things one wants to create. It can be as simple as bringing in the energy with candles or going into rituals.

What the Moon offers to one is that chance to open to hearing and receiving Spirit and gaining the support one seeks.

One has many a time during the year to tune into the Moon phases and draw in the Lunar Energy. The Moon is tied to the tides and has a flow to it. Think on a New Moon like it’s a plain page of fresh crisp paper. It’s a chance to set new dreams in play.

In using the New Moon energy is best to set in play what one wants to bring forth to their life, have it ready. It can be things like self forgiveness, or self healing, or path choices . Too it can be very directed like what one wants from one’s career, or even the career one wants to obtain. Like all goals make sure they are not Pie in the Sky or too far to ever reach. Realistic.

What one can do for a ritual is varied some choose to make an Altar. Brining in items or pictures of what one wants to manifest. Often one will light a candle for each item added each day an item is added and pray over that item.

The New Moon is a chance to learn to trust the dark, that void place in one
Ye are not always comfortable looking into. It is a fresh time to
Sent to the Universe what one wants to bring into one’s
Life. Or to clear out the old and unwanted pains, and
Bring in forgiveness and trust.

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Re: New Moon Magic

Post by Mata on Thu Jun 03, 2010 6:11 pm

Very informative post. The new moon is both a time of letting go, banishing old patterns and laying the framework for something better. Speaking of which there's one coming up Wink

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