What are Lucid Dreams and other Types .....

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What are Lucid Dreams and other Types .....

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 9:57 pm

What are Lucid Dreams ? and Other Types....

It is said that its a higher fequency state to our dreams.
In a Lucid Dream you can control or alter the events
in your dream in the state that you realize your dreaming

It is said you can learn to have Lucid Dreams and even
share in a dream with another. When you go to bed
at night simply put a plan in your head what you want to
dream on. For example your out on a walk and the snow
is falling, look to see how its covering the trees. Then
try changing the dream to a nice sunny Summer day.
Opposite contrasts seem to work quite well.

Prophetic Dreams -
These are dreams about things that will happen in the
near future. You might see your future of the future
events for your family. Or even at times future events
for the World. Ie and Earthquke ect.

Recurring Dreams -
Over and over the same dream. These are message
dreams which there is something in them for you to
understand. At times they are warning messages for

Sexual Nature Dreams-

These are very common with the onset of puperty.
Too they often reflect the waking state of our sexual
lives. You can be a sexually repressed person in the
waking hours and very agressivly sexual in your dreams.
Like an ambition or driving force dream.

Shared Dreams-

This is a dream state that can be planned so that you
have the same dream at night as your mate. Or you
maybe talking so someone you know and they have had
the same dream.

Spirit Dreams-

Often this is a real event contact from a loved one that
has passed on. There maybe a simple message that they
are fine and well. Or there might be a full message.

Teaching Dreams-

These can be dreams that occur over many a night that
are like a jigsaw puzzle that the pieces all come to-
gether. Too they can be a dream where your given
some change in one's psychic abilities.

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