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Amber is the color of liquid sunshine. It’s use dates back to very to the earliest humans in Africa and Asia. It was used for jewelry. It is the “cheer” gem. Its opens one’s negative emotions to turn them to Sunshine. It too is said to bring one good luck.

What is Amber well it be fossilized resin from trees. It is a yellow to orange in color. Often it will contain a fossil of an insect or even small animal.

Amber is warm to the touch and often contains something that was once living it has been used for worship and used as the very essence of life giving energies. It is one of the most used gems in magic’s .

It is said to bring in the powers of the Sun, and is good for healing. It is used for patients, protections, psychic shielding, romance, balance and healing. It is worn to as a good luck charm.

For healing it is used for skin ailments such as Skin Cancers. It warms with the touch so its also said to be good to wear it with breathing issues.

Energy : Protective
Element: Fire
Deity: The Great Mother
Powers: Luck and healing protections.

Used with the 5th Chakra

Amber must be cleared when used. Cleanse under like warm running water. Then old it till it warms to the body temp. ( when ye no longer really feel one is holding it). DO NOT leave in the sun it will crack.

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