Gold - Properties and Principals

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Gold - Properties and Principals

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 10:01 pm

Gold - Properties and Principals

Just the mention of Gold one things of wealth and power. It was once a main currency and was used in many ceremonies. Today it is used in much the same ways but the value of it has risen as its not as easily accessed as it once was. We often adorn in Gold to show our status and or personal worth.

The color that Gold is in its raw form is due to what other minerals are in it. Natural Gold is yellowish in color. Man has learned that by adding such metals as Silver, Platinum, Nickel, Zinc or even Copper, the color can be changed. This process is done mostly for jewelry. The more Gold content the purer it is. Jewelry is rated from 10 K to 24 K.

Gold is often used to bring in wealth to one. Gold is often used in the magic’s to bind to nature. Gold has a positive vibration to it and in wearing it is said to absorb the energy of the Sun to heal. I wear a bracelet of Gold, Rubies, and Diamonds and it is said to have great healing properties to it.

Gold is commonly used in Dental work for its no corrosive properties. Too it is long lasting and said to aid in the healing of the blood system. Gold as well conducts energy well. Gold is linked to Power, Success, but too healings and protections . Gold is the Sun and the Sun is tied to the Ancient beliefs in the God’s . Gold was an offering and was used to ensure passage to the after life.

The exchange of Gold Rings combines the energy of one to the other in a bond.

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