Book Shelving to Clear One's Mind

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Book Shelving to Clear One's Mind

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 10:15 pm

Book Shelving to Clear One’s Mind

This is a method that works well for clearing the mind to enter meditations.

1) Sit and relax

2) On a wall visualize building a book shelve

3) Put it together on that wall once done

4) Take the items on one’s mind and put them on the shelves there

5) This can be daily tasks, problems or issues, aches and pains anything that be on the mind at the time

6) Now this is done the mind is at peace this issues are safely from the mind but not cleared from the mind simply stored for a time

7) Go to one’s meditation

Cool Now the meditation is done go take back the items there ( note some might not now seem so looming)

9) Take down the book shelf from the wall

10) Relax

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