Heart Chakra Opening Meditaion

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Heart Chakra Opening Meditaion

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 10:22 pm

Heart Chakra Meditation

This meditation is a simple meditation to release sadness and fear and to bring in loving compassions to ye’s Life.

Sit in a comfortable position, make sure to sit tall with the spine straight and not laying down. Make sure the spine is straight and the shoulders are relaxed and chest is open.

Clasp lightly the hands and take the thumb knuckles and gently press them to the sternum just at the level of ye’s heart. Breath slowly and smoothly into the belly and the chest. Soften your gaze and slowly shut your eyes. Let go of the daily stresses and distractions. Focus on the breath leaving the body. Once the breath is comfortable focus on the thumbs being there with the slight pressure. Keep this focus for about 5 minutes.

Next gently remove the hand and open them slowly. Now rub the palms softly together. They should feel warm and have an energy to them. Now put the Right Palm in the center of one’s chest and the Left Palm on top of the right. This will give the feeling of one’s chest feeling warm and full
Of energy. See the energy as Green Light moving from the center of one’s heart to the full body. Stay with this visualization for about 5 minutes.
Once ye feel completely soaked with Heart Chakra Energy softly remove the palms and turn the upwards with the elbows bent. Feel the Green Light moving out from them to the World or a loved one.

To end the meditation, inhale deeply and move the
Arms slowly above the head reaching to the sky.
This is connecting to the universe. Then exhale
And move the hands slowly down and touch the
Floor. This connects one to the Earth. Relax.

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