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First off what does “Kundalini” mean ? It comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “ Coiling like a Snake” or “Coiled Up” . It draws the psychic energy from the spine and the snake at times represents the curve of the spine.

Where Kundalini comes from is India and from the Yogi practices there on the philosophy of opening to spiritual awareness. In the traditional understandings it is used to open to an altered state of being or consciousness. Often it is used with Yoga in Western practices.

The Snake is said to be curled up at the back part of the lower part of the spine or the Root Chakra and it turns into the lower abdomen area or the Sacral Chakra. The idea being to open to the five organs of sensations. Parana Breath - Heart and breathing, lungs and release of waste products, speaking and other vocalizations, digestion and moving of food for body energy, last the muscles system of the body. ( Each has a name but that is for deeper study ).

The main goal of Kundalini is to open to breathing techniques that might well open the body to better health and higher energy vibrations. It is said to aid on the path to better physical health and level of activity.

As it has been translated down the lines and adapted to Western Culture many of the ancient traditions are have been taken from it like the use of natural products to induce visions and sensations or even to bring on Near Death Experiences at times. The main theme though remains the same “Inner Peace” is the end result sought to be found.

Kundalini has become one of the most popular approaches of late. It is a big part of New Age Awareness. Like all things it has been adapted to fit both Eastern and Western cultural and religious ideas. It can be linked to the body and the state of consciousness too can be linked to the psychic levels, and psychological interpretations.

If one is to practice Kundalini Yoga one adapts a meditative system and body movements . It consists of both breathing and body movements that flow as one. On the base level some view it as simply exercise. If one goes to the faith end of it then its more a balancing of mind and body and breath. it’s a process of awakening. It is said to aid in one’s healing of self from the medical stand point and now is being studied more.

If one takes it on as a Religion one would go to the Hinduism. Kundalini is a spiritual experience that goes to the mystical side of beliefs.

Kundalini rising is often a term heard. This is the practice of meditations and breathing and body movements. All works as one. One enters an altered state of being. It is the practice of moving energy through the spine, from the Root Charka up to the base of the neck. Each of the Chakras contain specific characteristic and various vibration levels. Too according to where one chooses to study there are different numbers of Chakras. Western traditions tend to go to the base level of seven.

Too with each Chakra there is a color and part of the body it refers too and an area of being it represents.

With all forms of meditations and practices it is important to remember to take is slow and not rush head on to wanting to be at the final place right off. One should take it slow and let the body adapt to the changes that breathing and mediations bring forth. Meditations can alter the heart rate and can lower or rise blood pressures.
Too it can in rare cases take one the that state of a Near Death Experience. Until one learns how the body reacts take things slow in steps.

The coiled image of the Snake represents the feminine energy. In uncoiling it one release that energy to aid in creativity and open the mind at times to the psychic level of understanding not there in the conscious mind. It opens on to the levels of unconscious levels of understandings.

Tapping into Kundalini is to activate one’s DNA
Open to the psychic levels we all have
Feeling the connection to the Universe to find that place of “Oneness” or “ Inner Peace”
The mind opens to the higher self and opens to more knowledge
Too free one from EGO (the hardest thing to rid) and move to a higher plane of understanding
The feeling of “Unconditional” LOVe, and the connection to Spirit. (Not as in GHOST)

There are levels of Yoga Meditations which include, Mantra Yoga, Harta Yoga, Laga Yoga, Kriya Yoga.

Here is a simple meditation to try:

Find a quiet place - best to be free from distractions

Quiet lighting and music (if one chooses)

Comfort clothing and glasses off

Sit or lay (again choice)

Quiet the mind and clear the thoughts


Your face, jaw, shoulders, neck, arms, hands, torso, hips, legs, to a state of being loose and at ease.

Focus breathing

Inhale through the nose, retain, and exhale from the mouth.

Repeat 4-5 times

Now open to the Chakras

Start at the first one the Crown see it opening

See it as pure White Light and move that Light down the spine

Next the Third Eye again the White Light opens there

Open to bring in the colours one might see

Next to the Throat Chakra (this one often holds a blockage) as one’s breath might catch. Open to release that breath and let the White Light in

Next is the Heart Chakra here is the place to open to LOVe and the feeling of self

Next is the Solar Plexus there is the place to release tensions, open the White Light here to clear one’s fears and stresses

Next to the Spleen Chakra here is where one hold pains open the White Light here to release and start to heal

Next to the Root Chakra this is the base for Kundalini energy. This is where one can start to unwind the coil and move the energy up the spine. This is the center of one’s DNA. This is the opening to higher vibrations of self.

See the energy as a ball of White Light that moves freely though the body. The ball is free to roll from spot to spot feel where it needs to go and gently move it there.

One is in a state of heightened state of consciousness so make note to keep in mind that its best not done before that start of a full day’s work, or at a time when the body is past due for rest. Its an energy activation and works best done at time when one has the time to just take in that inner peace feeling.

This is the very basics of Kundalini.


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