Past Life Regression Meditation (SELF DONE )

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Past Life Regression Meditation (SELF DONE )

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 10:24 pm


I asked one of the Past Life Regressionist at Churh for a meditation to do a self regression for past lives.

This one was done at the Monday Night Meditation group and I talked to some that went and it was very good I was told. I thought I would share it here as its a quesiton it seems often asked.


* Sit in a comfortable position and take a deep breath in, drawing it all the way up the base Chakra (this is also know as the root Chakra, its located at the base of the spine and travels up to the neck) to the top of your lungs. Hold your breath in for the count of 5 and release it slowly out. Letting all the negative energies and tensions of the day flow out of every pore in your body.

* Repeat this 2 or 3 more times.

* Breathing at a normal rate now, visualize yourself standing at the top of a long stairway. Walk slowly down the stariway - it could have 20 steps or more or less. This will depend on your comfort level to heigts and or what spontainiously comes to you.

* Now that you are at the bottom of your stariway, its time to inspect who you are.

* Wheather you are male of female
* What type of cloths you have on or shoes on your feet
* Wheather your inside a structure or outside in the open
* Are you hungry or well fed
* Wheather it is daytime or nightime

Observe as much about your surroundings as you can.

The first place to look is down at your feet and work your way slowly up the body.

This will give you a good indication fo the time you are in and the cultrue your a part of. Where you have returned to.

* As you become familiar with your new body, start moving around your new World. You might ask the following questions.

* Why am I here in this World?

* What is the lesson that I need to remember here?

* Please reveal to me all taht is important in this life to assist me in my pressent life.

* After asking one or all of the questions , observe the scene that is played out to you. You are observing rather than participating, you will be able to understand what the life lesson is and bring that knowlege back with you to the present time.

* During the meditation you may observe more than one life by simple requesting that you move forward to the time of your death. (note that the death you have might not be the most pleasant of ones depending on the time's your in ) . Then simply move into the new life that was.

* To finish your meditation - give a thank you for the insights you have found. Return to the stairway and slowly walk back up the stairs. When you have reached the top, simply move your hands and feet and open your eyes.

For some a good place to start is in the very first life you have had then go from there. For other's you might have a time your drawn to that calls to you. Remember thought this could be an 'imagined' life. Not a real past life.

If you get to a past life you do not feel comfortable in simply say I want to move on and take CONTROL. Remember always you are in CONTROL your driving the meditaton its not driving you.


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