Tree Grounding

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Tree Grounding

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 10:27 pm

Tree Grounding

Sit in a quiet place

Take a seed and plant it in the ground.
Add some water.

Sent out a tiny root from the seed.
This root goes into the ground.
As the root goes out into the ground, they secure you to the ground .
The roots branch out and go deeper into the ground .

Now send out a tiny shoot to the Sun.
As the roots grow downwards and hold fast, the shoot goes up to the Sun’s Light.
You grow a large and strong tree slowly growing branches outwards and upwards to the Sun, and roots grow down and secure into the ground.

You become a full and large tree with a root system firmly grounded.

The strongest winds that come to your tree can not move you, you are grounded to the Earth.

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