Auras - From the view of Edgar Cayce

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Auras - From the view of Edgar Cayce

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 10:30 pm

Auras - From the view of Edgar Cayce

In the readings of Edgar Cayce talks on from early childhood being able to see colors in connection to people. Like me he too thought this was normal and everyone could see this. Not that case it seems. Cayce when one is close to their time of death the Soul begins withdraw and the aura fades around one.

It is said that when one dies suddenly their transition is not an easy one at times as the Soul has not had time to be prepared. This to me makes some sense. I have worked with many a Ghost ( what I call one that has not yet found the Light in crossing) that has not realized at times one is truly free of the body. Earth Bound be the common term. It is a great Light that comes for them when the door is opened for them by me or a Medium. Then they become Spirit and are freed from the Earth Plane confines.

The colors of the Aura is said to reflect that person’s vibration energies. Like the finger print there are no two Auras alike but unlike the finger print the Aura changes with the person. There are now machines that are said to take pictures of Aura’s .

Edgar Cayce puts the colours down as Red, Yellow, Blue, Green Indigo and Violet.

Red being the first of the primary color and in ancient symbolisms is the body. Red indicates life force , vigor and energy. It depends on the shade the meaning so Deep Red is higher temperament and nervous turmoil’s. If the shade be lighter Red then one is nervous , impulsive and a very active person. If the shade Scarlet one is said the have an overdose of EGO. Pink or Coral is immaturity. Pinks usually show in children but if seen in an adult can mean a childishness to one.

Orange is the color of the Sun. It is a vital and good color. It shows one as being thoughtful and considerate. Golden Orange indicates self control. Brownish Orange is a lack of ambitions and a person with a don’t care attitude. If one has Orange in the Aura one might have issues around the kidneys.

Yellow is the second primary color. When the Yellow is Golden one is in good health and well-being. These are people that take good care of one’s health and happy, friendly and helpful.
If the Yellow is Ruddy then one tends to be timid in nature.

Green if in the Emerald, particularly if it has a hint of Blue in it this be a color of healing. This is helpful, strong and friendly. This is often said to be the colors around the healers such as medical practitioners. If it fades into the yellow it is weakened. The Lemony Green is said to be deceitful. As a general rule it is a small amount of Green that be in an Aura.

Blue is the color of Spirit. It is the symbol for prayer and Heaven. The sky is blue by the molecules that make it up.

Edger Cayce says that Blue is the most positive the deeper the shade the better. Pale Blue is a struggle maturity. This might well be a person that really tries hard. The middle Blue is a person that will give forth more efforts in work. One with a deep Blue have found their life’s work and are immersed in that work. They are one’s that seem to be on a mission.

Indigo and Violet are the seekers the one’s on a Spiritual learning path. These are one’s that get settled in their career and Religious paths. One’s with Violet in there Aura might be more prone to stomach and heart issues.

The color we are on a path to find according to Cayce be White. When the Soul is in a state of perfect balance all the color energies would blend and we would have an Aura of pure White. This is often called Christ Light.

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