Seeing Auras - What they Are - How to See

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Seeing Auras - What they Are - How to See

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 10:33 pm

Seeing Auras - What they Are - How to See

What is an Aura ?

We as humans have an energy signature that is unique to each and everyone of us. A Light if ye will. The colours and energies make us whom and what we be. Like a Mood Ring they change colours with how we feel and the state of being the body be in. Said they can be read to show when the body is entering into a state of ill health.

The Aura starts at the fist layer of the body. Few inches from the skin and goes around the full body. Head to toe. Starts out pale and projects outwards in a Rainbow of colours at times. More common are the Red’s and Whites, or Golden colours. One can have a barrier layer too at the outside like the wall of self protection we all have. That which keeps us in the physical plane, this can be Black even. Too these colours are tied to the Charka’s in balance.

In the images one can have taken for Aura Photo’s ( usually head and shoulders), can show colours very close around one or that blast off the photo frame. Matters not. Just is the state of the body a the time its taken.

If one gets Blue’s around them it is said one is highly spiritual and is someone that walks in trust. Oranges show emotions, Red’s love and affection, Green’s ties to the land, ect.

The best way and purest way to view an Aura is in the nudie state of being. With no cloth on to reflect light.

Often when one is near death the Light around them changes one might even see breakup in the energy field around them. Some say it be like Fireworks going off.
Why do we fail to see Auras

We try to hard. Its not the easiest thing to be able to read or even see. Often one tries to do it with another sitting there while one tries to see their Aura. When it might be better to try to start on one’s self.

How to see Auras ( some simple tips or tools )

* Soft lighting (not dim) . There are “Daylight” bulbs that are a blueish tinge that work well.

* hang or place something pale hanging in front of ye. A sheet ext.

* close your eyes and breath and relax

* when calm and relaxed open your eyes and look a bit sideways from the pale hanging

* this should feel like the state of day dreaming

* in time and with patients and practice colours will start to show.

* next step is to bring an object into the mix like a plant ( plants have an aura)

* sit and focus on the leaves or flower and relax and take in the energy

* moving past this step one can try an pet (best if they are sleeping) so no movement.

* then to a human subject

When one starts to feel the energies move then the colors will come in.

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