Automatic Writting

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Automatic Writting

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 10:36 pm

Automatic Writing

What is Automatic Writing ? Well it is said to be writings that do not come from conscious thoughts. Often the writer has no clue in what one is writing or typing or even drawing . For some it springs forth from a meditative state of being or in a dream state. At times to the writer is very away they be writing and just let it free from them. One will see the fingers more on the keys or the pen in motion but they are not in control of what is said.

For some the writings are form tansmediumship where one has Spirit contacts. This can be done on many a level. Some feel comfortable enough to let the Spirit enter to them to pass on a message. While other times one is the tool for the communications. One hears the message and writes the words. One is in control of one’s mind and body but is being the tool for understandings and receiving a message. Messages from Spirit can be very personal message that go to a family member or can be general messages for the Earth.

Many still view automatic writing as that of just the one doing it. Their thoughts transcended to print. That I feel is not the case with me. I automatic write a lot. I get messages from me Guides at times for one’s I know or from Spirit or their Guides they are not words from me. Too most times I have no clue the meaning of what be said but the one getting the message does. They understand fully the words I pass along. Not me knowledge then if I can not understand in what I put forth.

How and why I automatic write well that be many. How by pen (at times if Spirit wants me to communicate me pen will stand on end. I know then I have company and a message to write. Not all want the keys of the computer. Other times I might be on line with someone and a message just floods out I know I be typing but till I be done I am not aware of what said. I write in the middle of the night to find it there in the AM waking. I write in Medium Circle and in Meditations. Too oddly the messages are always clean even if it be pitch black in the room and never over run on a page. I can not see what I am doing but it flows clearly.

Too at times Automatic Writings can be from that inner self. One can tap into the unconscious mind at times to find issues and blockages. This is best done fresh from a meditation.
Might well be a message from one’s Guide that comes to ye.

Learings to do it is something we can all do.

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