Astral and Sleep

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Astral and Sleep

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 10:39 pm

In Astral Projections its the consciouness of one's
mind that leaves the phsical body and moves
simply into its Astral Body.

While some people can project naturally like
I can. I simply think on where I want to go
and off I go. Others its fear that often
hold them back. The fear of getting lost.

It is said that in Astral Projections ye are
attached by the life cord or Siver Cord. Not
all see this cord but its said to be there.
I know it as the Silver Cord while others it
the Umbilical Cord....ect.

Out of Body

This is more associated with NDE (Near
Death Experiences. Your not going far from
one's body in these cases. Your over looking from
above the body. This can happen in times of
great pain where ye simply step out.

This experience happens when one is on the
verge of sleeping or passing out....This experience
often leaves one with a feeling of paralaysis..
this could explain the sleep issuess many
have as it the moment ye realize ye are not
in one's body that panic insues.

In this experience ye do not travel far if ye get the
feeling ye are too far gone ye get yanked back
rather abruptly and this too is a fearful

There are several views on where the soul
goes. If ye look at Romam Catholic thought
this is a forobidden thing Astral Travel.

As the soul contains all the things that make
us who we are like memories, emotions ect if
this leaves the body it can interfeer with the
reality we live in.

The soul is thought to go into a non beleif state
of being. Ye feel different and separate from
God ect.

Now in the way I have learned the soul stays with
the body its merely a part of your conscious
mind that goes forth on a jouney. Thus the
saying ye are two places at once.

Sleep Apnea is often connected to snoring.
The tounge at times slips back and cuts
off the air way. This causes a stress on the
heart. This too casues one to loose deeper
sleep so ye are more prone to panic waking.

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