Remote Viewing

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Remote Viewing

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 10:43 pm

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing (RV) is the procedure developed by parapsychologists at Stanford University Research Institute to allegedly perform clairvoyance under controlled conditions. While its somewhat similar to Astral Projections, as one leaves the body, the phenomenon involves a belief that the consciousness projects to other remote locations.

Remote viewing is a form or clairvoyance by which a viewer is said to use his or her clairvoyant abilities to “view” or gather information on a “target” consisting of an object or place or person ext. This is something that is hidden from the viewer. Most commonly too its at some distance from the viewer. At times it goes to the past what one is viewing or to the future.

I can remote view BUT in saying that to this ability comes with the utmost of personal respects for the privacy of others. Never done without permissions if I be viewing a living person or person’s place.

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