Empathy and Empathic

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Empathy and Empathic

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 10:47 pm

What is Empathy and Empathic differences.
What can one do to with Empathic Abilities ?
What is the Feeling One Has ?

The act of Empathy is being able to identify with another’s feelings. It is to be able to emotionally put one’s self into their place. To truly have Empathy though one has to have experienced something similar in one’s life. IE the death of a family member. If one has never had this experience then one does not truly Empathize with the feelings but with the words alone.

To has NO Empathy mean’s that one has not got the conscious mind to feel for other’s . One is often said to be “cold” or “ emotionless”. At times one does not simply know their own feelings. These one’s often feel no remorse for actions taken against another see nothing as hurtful or harmful.

Empathic is the psychic ability to link or hear the inner mind of another. It goes deeper than just feeling the Empathy level of emotions or compassions for another’s situation. In the Empathic level one feels directly what the other feels.

Being Empathic is often said to both a blessing and a curse. For one’s that overly Empathic it will impact one’s
life and at times livelihood. For some the simple trip to the mall is too much for them. One hears and feels the emotions and at times thoughts of another full on like they are their feelings or thoughts.

When one has learned to live with or control Empathic abilities one can put it to use at times. One can often pick up on things one is not seeing in them as an issue. Example would be if one says I am “over them” but the Empathic one will feel there is still an issue that one should be cleared or talked out.

Other ways an Empathic can use their abilities is with the realms of the Spirit World. Where one can feel the “dead” basically as one would the living. At times the Empathic is able to pick up on where their remains are, or if it is a living victim again where they might be.

Some Empathic are able to actually almost become that person that they are sensing where ye feel full on what they feel like it was ye’s own feelings and emotions. This at times is the curse side of the ability.

It is said that 0ne in Five are Psychic Emphatics. For Children this can be a huge thing to learn to deal with . One need first and foremost understandings and compassions.

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