Lightworkers and Energy Attacks

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Lightworkers and Energy Attacks

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 10:52 pm

How can Lightworkers deal with energy attacks :

What is meant by energy attacks can mean Spirits or Ghosts, or just negative energies that come to one’s home. One can have a professional come in BUT that does not mean that the one time fix will keep things clean and calm. Like one uses a Band Aid for a wound so at times it what is done for a house. The same force usually does not come in, but that does not meant that something or someone new does not.

It is a poor idea to attack back, negative energies feed off the higher emotions such as anger and fear.

What do you want to be doing is :

Be aware of the potential for things to come into one’s home, and learn to recognize things when they do come in.

To prepare and have tools at hand for both Spiritual and self protections and cleanings.

Energy attacks can come from the incarnate ( living people)
Energy attacks can come from the disincarnate ( Spirit Beings)

We often think that because something lacks the physical body no harm can come to us but that is shallow thinking. Energy attacks can leave very physical marks.

Some ways to start to learn how one feels when around someone or something is :

Does one feel light, and free with warmth around you ?


Does one feel tied, and cold with heavy feelings around you ?

As you move through your days getting in touch with how one feels one will be better to sense energies around them. The house has a feel one will start to be aware of.

The Bubble Method of Protection

We all have an energy field around us. Some call it Wall, or Shields ect. , or one’s Aurora.
In activating it we are able to better protect one’s self from attacks or negative energies.
With using a Bubble one is able to see out through it and able to freely take it with one.

The best way to bring on in is with a visualization.

Using White Light that one see’s come form the Universe ( Heaven if you wish) ,
Surround that White Light around the full body.

Then when one has the body covered, visualize the White Light coming down again and this time form it around the outside of the one around you. This one can be put around one’s home.

One can make as many Bubbles as one feel’s one needs, creating one for work, for the car, for any place one’s travels takes them.

What is able to come is in positive energies such as LOVe and harmony , but what can not come is any negative energies or ones.

For cleaning one’s home this is a simple blessing :

Spirit to Light

Wraith to the house, take heart and live
To every chamber this Light I give
To every corner this breath I send
Approve and favor my willing hand
Move forward to the Light I show
And from this house you must go.

Do this with a lit candle or incense

This can be done before one puts forth the Bubble around one’s home. Too this can be done to regularly clear one’s home.

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