Psychic Vampires

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Psychic Vampires

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 10:56 pm

What is a Psychic Vampire ?

The name Psychic Vampire is given to a person that is perceived to take our energies . It may not be obvious as first one is being drained or for some not understood one is being drained. Like the physical Vampire they work on much the same principal its an attack and it takes energy from one. Just not in the form of blood is all.

How to detect this is not always easy. One will fill tired (drained) , one might notice the drain is more obvious when your in the company of the one you think might be the Vampire. Some trains of thought go to this only being possible is the one being the victim of a Psychic Vampire has in some way let them in to be able to connect to them . This can be done by simply letting one’s protections down or feeling at ease in a situation and not sensing the energy of the other. Or letting them in purposely not seeing what they truly want.

The Psychic Vampire will target most often is a person that has trouble with saying NO or is more open to persuasions or more easily lead or trusting. There is a connection created that is not seen but is made in energy that binds one to the other.

How To Stop the Psychic Vampire Drain

If you suspect that you have become a victim your must become clear on that you have a role is this. You have to accept the attack happened but make sure that you truly want it to stop. In meditation make a statement like “My energy is mine and mine alone, no one can take that energy from me. I claim it as mine alone.” Now visualize the tie that binds you to the other. Visualize that tie being taken apart thread by thread. This might take several meditations to fully end the ties. Make sure that your clear in thought that this will end. When you feel this is clear from you then one will feel new energies flow back in. Make sure to forgive yourself for this happening and accept you did not wrong. Bless and forgive the one that did this to you and yourself. ( use a blessing that fits with your faith).

Forgiveness is very important. This will weaken the one doing the acts on others.

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