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The word reincarnation mean to make new again. It is said to be when the Soul leaves the body and it is free to come back to a new body. When one dies from the body I feel that the Soul is what goes to the Light to be re born or to come to a new body for more in the body leanings. That said I do wonder on is having a choice in where we come to or that we might or might not want to come back.

The idea dates way back the original origins for the idea some say go to the Greek’s Then later to the Western cultures. One could say will the Egyptians had thoughts on this too BUT when one looks at the Mummifications and that processes and teachings there they are not being prepared to come forth again but are being prepared for the After Life.

In Greek philosophy so much is based on logic, but there were some that fragmented off that train of thought and opened more to the times of the Renaissance and the ideas of enlightenment. There was a time of turning form the God’s and the mythology of the times to new thinking on what happens to the body. It was Aristotle
that started the ideas of Metaphysics and that the Soul head the “true knowledge”.

Too the ideas of reincarnations runs in the Indian cultures and the Asian cultures. Too at times it is not always thought that one comes back to the body of man but can come back in many a form. Too in some teachings one does not necessarily have to be re born to the Earth. Most do have the common value that one comes forth for learings and Soul growth. That one is elevated on each incarnation to a higher vibration.

The Soul in most cultures is thought to be eternal that it goes forth forever. I wonder on that one as is there forever is or there choice to say I be done ? I want out.

I know of past lives I have knowledge with me this life that can only make sense to me from being here before. It is not stuff I have studied in but I know it. Too there are one’s I have found to know me but we have never in this life met. There are places I know of intimately but have never been to. Only thing that fits is that I have lived before. Too I have a Spirit with me that was once me. I as two people in the one life I cam forth again but he has chosen I be told not to do so.

Its an idea we will know the solution to at the time of death but I be in no rush to find that place. Having skirted death once that be enough for now.

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