Shadow People / Ghosts ext.

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Shadow People / Ghosts ext.

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 10:58 pm

Shadow People

What are Shadow People ? Are they real ? Or a trick of the
eye's and mind ?

Have ye ever asked oneself if ye really did see something or
somone out of the corner of one's eye. This event seems to
be happening more and more often or are we just accepting
more in talking on such things.

Your sitting watching TV say and ye see a shadowy figure
of human form move accross the room. It passes by quickly
so your going ok did I or did I not SEE something ?

What was it ? Something that naturally made the shadow ?
Over drive with one's imagination or being over tired ? Or
does ye's mind go to something paranormal ?

When one's mind come into tune more with acceptance
this be real one can focus on them more it seems. Now
who or what are these Shadow People ?

Imagination ? Skeptics would simply say it be a trick of the
mind in play. As its out of the corner of one's eye most often
then its not in clear focus out of the range of clear sight.
The human eye and mind can be easily fooled ? Yes or No ?
Open for debate some that might well be.

Ghosts ?

When one talks on seeing a Ghost one often describes a
white mistish appearance. Shadow People are described
as black or greyish. In many Ghost image sightings the
image is very human like in form, not always the case with
Shadow People. More blackish and lacking a lot of form
details. Human outline more. Ghosts often have a clothing
outline one can make out.

Demons ?

The notion of something black or darkish takes one's mind
to something negative in nature. White is thought pure and
Black is thought not pure. If Shadow People are demons
in nautre how come there be no reproted cases to really
support such activity. As the sightings seem huge in

Are Shadow People simly ye stepping from one's body in an
Astral Plane Journey ? When seen in most cases the one
reproting the event is in a relaxed state of being. Reading
or watching TV. With music on ect. Are we simply
stepping out of our selves and not realizing that is happening ?

Aliens or Interdimentional Enties ?

Do other dimentions even exist ? That is open for great
debate. If they truly do could this be someone simply
looking in to our world as we do in our Astral Travels ?
Fair is fair right if we can so they can. Time shifts ? Time
is said to be fluid. We are exploring more and more with
our minds could it simply be the next level of "evolution"
happening ? The moving forward of the human level of
consciouness ?

Is the door simply opening up more to the other side or
other dimentions for us. Are we ready for that time will
tell that tale ?

What do ye think they are and what stories of seeing them
might ye have to share ?


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