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Soul Mates

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 11:00 pm

Soul Mates

Where to begin with this topic might well depend on where one chooses to read. It means many a level of things in many a culture or personal belief.

If one is to look at who we are as the beings we are in the body. Some would say we are “individual” we are of one mind and of one body. I so feel we are that yes but to we are more we are interconnected to one another and to the Universe but too deeper maybe than even that we too are connected to the inter dimensions of the Universe. In saying that what is a Soul Mate ?

On the first and most common level it is a person that one connects to on a deep emotional level. This usually be a mate. The one that ye seek to find and spend one’s life with . It is that person the is said to complete one. Often it is someone that one can talk to about anything and everything.

This might well be that this person runs on the same vibrations that ye do. So the Soul feels a connection to what almost feels like self. Many often talk of it feeling like one has known the other forever. This might well be true in a sense one might well have shared in past lives together. Not necessarily though as a romantic interest one might well have been family. So that bond is there from that karma.

Too a Soul Mate can be someone that is in friendship one feels this attraction too but there is NO romantic interests there at all or feelings. In these cases one often knows that they have shared in past lives with each other and it is like a Soul reunion of the two. it’s a connection the brings comfort as one has found someone that understands them. It often feels like a journey has found a conclusion.

Too it be said that “opposites attract” and in the case of a Soul Mate in the romantic image that is not what one seeks to find. Often in finding the opposite frequency to one it is there one finds a Soul Mate.

Where did the ideal of a Soul mate arise from ? For this one has to travel to the times of Greek mythology. The first documenting story is in Plato’s Symposium. In this writing Plato examines the purpose of the nature of LOVe. It is said to have been written to shed light on the sexual behaviors of life in Ancient Athens.

Plato thought that the Soul Mate is a “persons other half” . In his writings he talks about the Soul being split apart in search of completion by one’s other half. One is seeking another to become whole in life.

Where the idea often breaks down that the one that one finds to be their Soul Mate does not stay the course with one is in that many a time what one seeks is perfection. To me there be no such thing as perfection. Often one thinks that the Soul Mate can protect and take care of them. This too is not always the case. One is an individual and that being said is on a growth path as that individual. We are all interconnected but too individual.

Soul Mates can be friends of the same sex, or opposite sex, a parent or child, siblings other relationship partnerships.

One is said to have four emotional needs. One is to be LOVe and be LOVed , a positives self image need, need for balance in personal and private space. To have self control, the need for security. This is often what we seek to find in a Soul Mate.

I have a MATE not me Soul Mate not one I can share me with but a mate. Choose from the animal instincts we still have on that level of provider and breeding stock.

Too I have a Soul Mate in a friend that I have shared many a past life with but never as lovers. At times Mother and child, but always great friends. One that can “read” me very being. Too one that holds a huge trust for me and me for them.

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