Spirits and Ghost - Making Contact

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Spirits and Ghost - Making Contact

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 11:01 pm

Spirits and Ghosts - Making Contact

In making Spirit contact rule one : be well grounded and well protected. Not all that one come to contact is positive. What grounding does is tie one to the Earth and puts around a force that protects one from being taken in or over. Simple meditations work well. Putting a bubble around yourself or using a shield or wall to protect and ward off negative things coming to one. Working with White Light only.

Protections go to a more personal or Religious belief. Protections in the Religious order are metals and crosses that are worn around the neck. They should be blessed with a simple blessing that you can do. Other protections outside the Religious realms can be crystals, metals, jewelry, skeleton key, truly anything personal that you have done a blessing of protections on. Making sure that what is blessed is with you. On your person.


Protecting your home. Again you can use a bubble or shield or wall. Keeping out the negative and letting only the positive in. If activity in the home is an issue then you should go room to room and clean or bless them. If its just general protections then one main blessing can be done. Using a candle and saying a blessing .

If the flame on the candle reacts in an odd way for example the flame dances wildly or shoots very straight and high into the air, then one might well have a Spirit or Ghost there with them. Simply ask that who is there move into the Light and free from you and your home. This does not mean that a loved one lost is gone forever from you, simply that your house is protected and will let in the positive energies now.

Protections for your computer. Many forget how open to the World that we are on line. Hanging protections on your computer and blessing it keeps the negative forces from entering via the WWW. Might seem a bit out there but you might have had days when you can not open a file or the computer acts really off. Might well be someone playing.

I use a skeleton key on my computer, with the key it locks out the negative but opens the door to the positive energies and entities.

Using devices to “hear” Spirits. Here again protections are needed on you and the device used. Digital camera’s capture many images thought not to be produced in the past. The case being that as a human used to have to develop your films often what was an “orb” was simply thought to be a blemish on the photo and it was discarded. Even the most basic of camera’s can capture images. Technology has simply made it more hand ‘s on for us to develop and keep our own photo’s.

Tape recorders being digital or tape have background noise to them in the device itself that can make it sound like more is there. Cassette tape if used to re record or of low quality has much noise there on it before recorded on.
Digital tapes recorders have the motor noise.

Motion detectors do not need much to set them off. For some very sensitive one’s even a spider crossing the floor can make them go off. The wind created by a furnace too can more a curtain or hanging banner and set them off.

Night vision looking devices and camera’s with these you have to remember that there is never total darkness. There is always outside light sources that can enter through windows and walls ect. Too animals reflect low light levels from their eyes.

Does the time and investigation is done matter, I feel no. 3 am is said to be the best time but it might well be the time that most activity is idle for most traffic and the like. Does it bring in a higher vibration of energy not sure.
Daylight or Nighttime that is a personal choice.

Tools that one can use. Spirit Boards are not the best for brining in Spirits as they do tend to bring in the lower vibrations. Penjelems and Dousing Rods, Bones, Talking Sticks, ect should be used with cautions.

Vibration levels of Spirit. The way I have come to understand it in the work I do is that the Light is there fro ALL to go into. Just that like in life there are levels of energy and socially accepted actions. Thus in the Light there are levels that you go into. The lower vibrations or outer bands of light is where for example a serial killer would go into. In that place the healing starts and one travels up the levels. Not saying too that one that follows a total and positive life and lifestyle automatically goes to the brightest parts of the Light as they too might well have lessons to learn on. Too not saying there is a Heaven or Hell. Just with me a place you go to in Death.

To me it would seem like a life wasted if even the worst of humans did not have a change to have one’s Soul come back again. We all move to that place of growth called Enlightenment.

Bringing in used items to your home. One should remember that all things have an energy vibration to them. Not just what is thought to be living. When you bring home an used piece of furniture or art work ect you should do a simple cleansing blessing on it.

Examples I have had personally in my home and with cases worked on :

Personally : A marble topped table that sat in the entry way of my house. I put a vase of flowers on it one day as a center piece to find the vase would be on the floor when I came home. I had a cat so I thought she was maybe doing it somehow. To test this I let the dust build on the table to find that the vase again was off the table when I came home BUT not cat prints or skid marks in the dust. When I asked on why I got that water at one time had been spilt on it and there as a mark from the water on the table. The woman that had the table did not want water on the table. When an empty vase was put there it stayed in place.

Investigation :

A child’s chest of drawers that would be found open in the AM.
This one was recorded on film as it happened. In asking why to this one it was found that sadly the boy that had this chest had used one of the drawers to stand on and look out his second story window and fell from that window to his death. As it was placed near a window in the new owner child’s room he was simply trying to warn the parent to move it. Once the chest was moved from near the window the activity stopped.

Other examples are pictures being turned face down, or moved, or on the floor, or crooked on the walls. Books on a book shelve being pulled out a bit or on the floor. Doors open the next day when they were shut the night before. Appliances being turned on or lights. Finding something thought to be long since lost there in plane view the next day.

Feather’s often tiny white one’s that seem to float from no where. Or feather’s that when you go to touch them vanish as one touches it. Often called “ Touched by an Angle”.

Odor’s that are from a loved one. A perfume or cologne or even cigar or cigarette smoke. Medicine or ointments smell. Food odors from special event days. Music or a certain song that takes you to the loved one lost.
Hair standing up on your body. Often noted on only one side of the body, the feeling of being touched, slight breeze, cold shiver. Ring in the ear, or buzz feeling in the ear. Seeing something out of the corner of your eye.
Pennies found in odd places not the date on them.

Phone rings and not one is there. Note the number on call display it might not exist. Or you have a garbled message on the machine and know the voice there.

Unexplainable noises that happen over and over again. Windows rattling but there is no wind. Doors opening by them self. Volume changing on the TV or radio, lights flickering for no real reason or only over and over. OR going off all together. To fine they have been switched off from the wall or source.

Thermostat being changed (most common with the dial one’s) .

Most common place for contact is the bathroom. Two theories for this one is that water is a natural conductor for Spirit to travel on and that its often a place one is alone. In quiet peace of mind. Open to hearing Spirit more.
While they can see you it matters not. Spirits are not longer tied to the physical .

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