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Mediumship is the term used to describe someone who claim to have the ability to communicate with the Dead or Spirit World. This is not yet been scientifically proven of disproved . From the scientific point of view a medium is simply doing a cold reading. Getting information from what is said. In face to face readings using facial and body reactions.
Testing the information given though rules a lot of this out.

Modern Mediumship

Physical Mediumship :
is the act of picking up energies from the other side. This can be done by voice communications where one talks directly to the Spirit. Or visually were one can see the Spirit and describe who is being seen.

Mental Mediumship:
This is via thought or telepathy via the Medium. Nothing is seen or heard in the physical but in the brain only of the Medium. This is also know as trance Mediumship where the Medium can be either fully aware of the process or in full trance.

Physical Mediumship:

This encompasses levitation, Automatic Writing, and visual sight of Spirit energy. Letting a Spirit for a time enter your body to speak.

How we make or know of contact.

First off working well protected and grounded.

Burning of candles gives a Spirit that Light connection.

Spirits often move things, can be something simple like a picture being off center on a wall or turned face down.

Make sounds such as footsteps, or bang something.

Odors that go to the person passed. IE Smoke, perfume, cologne.
Even medicines or home surroundings odors. Cooking smells from special event days.

At times emotion in you come into play. You feel something come over you. Something that brings in a memory of one passed. You smile for no real reason and feel a sense of peace.

Music that you hear that takes you to the memory of someone passed. Some phase that is seen on a billboard sign that takes you to someone.

Pictures where the is a ORB or other strange image in it. Many images will when enlarged have a face in them.

Spirit contact to you. That cold shiver you get. Watch for Goosebumps that are only on one side of the body.

Feathers that come from no where. Some refer to them as Angle Wings.

Pennies found in odd places note the date.

Books left open to a page or when toppled from a table they are on take note of what is on the page.

Lights going on and off, TV volume changing, doors or windows rattling with no wind. Indoor wind chimes moving. Whisper sounds. Seeing things in the corner of your eye. Phone rings and no one is there. Note the number might not exist. Messages left on a machine that the number does not exist or was the number for someone passed.

Dream contacts where a message is left.

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