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Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 11:06 pm


What is synchronicity ? Well its simply put patterns that repeat in time. Is there proof of this NO not as if yet. The image that comes to mind is the inner workings of a watch. It is connected to Metaphysics and to quantum physics. Too it well might be connected to our day to day lives if we look for patterns in time.

How does one see them, well at time they are people that come into our lives at that very right moment in time and may not stay past the issue we are with. To come back in again later to aid with yet another issue or maybe the same one. It can be in our travels where we come to a place we know of being but might not have ever traveled to before. Or it can be events in our life that repeat. If one is to keep a journal often when one looks back on what is written one might well see the patterns there.

One might believe in things happen for a reason, as in thing are meant to be. Meeting and interactions with other’s that make a difference in our lives are simply meant to be there positive or negative all is life lessons. If one always seem to bring in one’s to self that are not of positive nature one might look to the trigger in one’s life to that pattern and see where it can be changed. See what is in one’s life that brings that to one. If one attracts a lot of good to them in times of need see where that pattern be. If one feels that path is always walked alone again see where the patterns are there that bring that event on.

Synchronicity can often have the feelings of Deja Vu, or show in one’s dreams. What is in dreams often applies to day life but we fail to see the patterns or know the meanings. That feeling of being somewhere before can do to a dream on has had or to past lives lived.

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