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Telepathy, comes form the Greek meaning “distant” and Parthia, “feeling” . It is the presumed ability for humans and other creatures to communicate information from one mind to another. This is done without the tools such as body language. It is often called Extra Sensory Perception or ESP. There has been much study in this area but to date nothing be proven and its still not readily accepted by scientists.

In WWII the Nazi’s did do studies into this thinking it would be a tool to use if perfected to know what the enemy had in plans. It was found not to be reliably accurate.

It is most common as a party trick where one reads cards that are held up. Then telling what be on the face of said card.

Now is this telepathy or Remote Viewing where one goes to see the card.

I am somewhat telepathic as are all humans. I at times know what one is thinking without it being said. I have done the card thing and other images in controlled lab studies. Its not a completely accurate thing but when one get more than 50 percent right it is said not to be guessing randomly.

Something to try is have someone think on a image something simple and see if one can “read” what that image is.

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