The Ego of the Soul

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The Ego of the Soul

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 11:09 pm

The Ego of the Soul

Who are we ? Really are we who one seems to be or are we much more than that. Are we truly individual ? Or could it well be we are mere copies of the Soul were before, ever adding to that original Soul. Could we simply be walking the Earth with the illusion of being an individual. Yes there is no disputing that we be one in the physical body we are housed in but on the mind level are we individual in thought process. Do we function on a “one” level. Just the one in the body just the one mind we have ? Or are we one in the physical body alone and all interconnected on the mind or conscious and sub conscious level ?

We talk on the term EGO “I” the self image of being self important, self interested, self esteem to the extreme.
Is it all however negative if looked at from the Soul level, if we take it from the context of not being in one’s personality but in the evolution of that Soul one has come forth with. Could it not be what is there for us on this life path to explore and develop for bringing one to the point of understanding that was lacking in the past evolutions. Like a life mission of that Soul in the body it was for a time housed in this time round. Not fully controlled by the person’s mind on the subconscious level ? Where we might well be able to with our conscious mind in the learning’s we seek out be able to find that place of oneness or inner peace. To become that person that is fully in that place of being self accepting without it being EGO but being purely bliss.

The thing that makes man different from his fellow animal brothers and sisters be only the one thing the human brain we have. Has it been a positive evolution ? Or is it even evolution is open for debate. We are maybe simply at the top of the food chain for a time. We at times seek knowledge but are not following in that knowledge that we obtain but being lead by it. In a way we stagnate there. For the true Soul to evolve and find that place of oneness do we not have to meld as one the conscious mind and the unconscious mind and accept in that the “I” is really and truly maybe “We”. We as in the collective consciousness that be all things. A part of the body a part of the mind but too a part of the Universal whole.

We can all ask and maybe we do all ask at times “Who am I, Why am I here, What is my life purpose ? When maybe all we need to see is that we are here, we are here in the physical body for a time maybe for not more but to “Play” in all it has to offer to us before we are but energy again. Think on the senses we be given the wonders in the smell of a flower say or the listening of a song being played. We in the moment can for a time be ‘one’ with that moment. Maybe that is why the body form for us. Might it just be a vacation for the Soul we have. The final path to me is “I am Universal Light of all things but too of nothing .” I am me in the body, but all in the Soul. Do we exist well the mind and body and physical World tells us yes, but who knows if we are illusion.

We do know that in the body we are fleeting we breath in our first breath of life and in that breath too we are breathing in our last breath of life as the body not (yet) be ever lasting. Enjoy is while it lasts embrace it fully even if it be in a fragile state. It is the house one has.

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