Walk In's and Soul Splits and Transfers

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Walk In's and Soul Splits and Transfers

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 11:10 pm

Walk In’s and Soul Splits and Transfers

What is a Walk In ? Well simply put it is where one has a Soul that departs the body and a new one comes forth to that same body. Why ? Most times this happens when one has a NDE (Near Death Event) and the body is said to die. The Soul at that time of body death leaves and when the body comes back to life again one is in need of a Soul. One does not get the original Soul back again. One is given a new Soul. Often the Soul one gets comes to one with new abilities one never had before in the areas of psychic and paranormal learings .
One too often come back with a different personality than one had.

In the NDE Soul exchange the Soul that leaves goes forth to be place in that of a new birth. One does not get the original birth Soul back. That Soul is said to have done its life path with that person.

One to can come back from such a Soul exchange and never feel settled with who one is. Often in the NDE one is at a place of peace in where one has started to go forth to and longs for that again. At other times one has to struggle to settle into new learning’s offered by that Soul that has come in.

Where this idea of Walk In’s comes from can be traced back to ancient Hindu teachings. In their teaching a Walk In is said to be when one’s Soul has left their body and is replaced with a new Soul It is like a re incarnation to the same body. The Hindu teachings are that we are made up of more than one body we are Mind, Body in physical and non physical and thinking . Too some teachings take it to even deeper levels.
In their beliefs a Soul can take on one or all of these bodies.

In more modern teachings or the New Age Movement it is thought that one can know of a Soul exchange. If one has finished on a learning path one can take in a new Soul. This too is said to be able to be done on a trial period and if one does not like the new Soul one can take back in the original one.

Too it is said one can have a Soul split where one is given two Souls to the one body. This can happen most commonly to one’s suffering from some kind of mental delusional illness or issues.

It is said that one can too have a Soul split where one is of one Soul but two individual bodies. The Soul splits and does two. Those too individuals share that Soul and one’s lives usually are in twined in some way.

This to is a rare event.

Real or possible who is to say ? Having had a Past Life Soul Split where I was two individuals in the one life I think it possible. Was it a happy experience yes.

In the NDE I had did I have a Soul Exchange I have to say NO I fought the Light and the event I was not ready yet to go forth in death. What change came in me was more a “wake up call” to how close I came and to look at the life path I was on and make changes for the White Light work I now do.

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