Wands - Magic or Not ?

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Wands - Magic or Not ?

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 11:13 pm

Wands - Magic or Not ?

First off one has to believe magic is real, to know it is not what one see’s on TV it is more than that. Dates back to maybe the start of time. Some say that Magic is the Universe itself in the way it might well have been created. Real Magic is from the Universal makeup and the Earth Elementals.

When one chooses to use a Wand one is simply choosing to use a “tool” to assist one on the path of what one wants to obtain or do. Like all things Wands can be used in the White Arts or the Black Arts. Will it work often depends on the intend of the one using it too on the Universe allowing it to maybe happen.

Like all things the power of the Wand is not the Wand itself but the power that be in one using it. We use a ‘tool’ to connect out energy or to focus that energy to a more powerful and directed method of applying it. Like one might use a crystal one can use a Wand in much the same way. One does not have to be a Magician or Witch ext to use a Wand anyone who believes they can channel energies can use a Wand and have results.

Wands can be made from many a thing. The most common being Wood, used as Wood is a natural material and is easy to shape and work with . Too Wood ties direct to the Earth and the ground. Often made from the root of a tree. Other materials are Stone, Metal, and even Ivory or Bone. The woods most common are Oak, and Hazel.

The Wand at times in history is the symbol of power and used in ceremony. The want too is often knows as a Staff. Most common we think on something that is about 12 “ long and thin.
When one thinks on the work Wand often we think to the image of Witch or Wizard but that image might well be from the Fairy Tale’s we grew up with.

In the end the Wand is the tool the person is the power.

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