The Powers of a Witch

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The Powers of a Witch

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 11:14 pm

The Powers of the Witch

What is a Witch, simply put one that practices in the art of Witchcraft and are skills in the crafts. What is used be spell, and crafts and rites. Like all things this is done for both the White and Black arts.

When one thinks of Witch often for the North American view one will see a tall black had and gown and broom, and of course a black cat. The true image of the witch is not that at all but one of woman and men. Often mistaken in history for the work done. Not all in the dark crafts. One often see’s cauldrons and spells being cast.

The casting of spells is but a part of being a Witch. There are various rites that one would practice in, using tools such as charms, and even at times plant and animals. The spell can be best served when spoken orally. The purpose of a spell can be for the good of something or for the bad of something.

When on practices Witchcraft one is to some practicing a Religion much like one would worship a God. There is a lot of the same principals in play as there are certain writings followed and read. Too like Religious paths followed history at times paints a bloody picture on how one’s in practice have been treated.

Like all things if one practices in it one keeps the power fresh and free flowing and growing. If not used one might well become stale. That does not mean that the powers not still be there just dormant. Once we start down a path of learning I feel that stays with one like riding a bike on can get back on.
We all have it in us to cast a spell to make things happen both good and bad, and its in finding balance that we learn what is right for us.

There is a draw to play in the Dark that is real. That is that feeling of power we get, but too that comes with Karma that does come back on one. Does playing I the Dark work YES is it right that is a personal choice we all might well have to make.

Do we ever loose the powers we have? I think NO.

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