Cleansing Quartz Crystals

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Cleansing Quartz Crystals

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 11:17 pm

Cleansing Quartz Crystals

The best methood and one that does no damage is to use dried products. I would suggest the use of dried roses, or daisies and cloves and sage. Too this can be re used as it holds no energies.

The other is purified water with sea salt but its a bit harse.

The time one lets crystals sit is up to ye there will be an enegry feel to them in change they will feel light and airy.

This should be done when one gets a crystal and after every use.

To open the energy in them again that is a personal call. I like to use a blessing.

The healing properties are :

Spiritual to enhance communications, move to a higer self vibrational state. Gives one protection from negative energies. ( I have one sewn in me bra).

Mind Healings quartz is good for gaining ancient wisdoms and helping one to use them in the present. Bring in self balance and confidence. It can help with intuitions.

Physical Healing its good for aiding with depression, and chronic pain issues such as arthritis and other such issues.

Chakra I would suggest Clear Quartz as that will open and work with all.

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