The Astral Rope

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The Astral Rope

Post by Lynn on Fri Jun 04, 2010 8:47 pm

The Astral Rope

What is the ROPE, well it is an imaginary tool that is used to aid in the Astral Projection process.

This is a good projection method if one has good powers of concentration.

What ye do is attach an imaginary rope to the ceiling. Make it a strong and thick climbing rope.

To start to use the rope first make sure that ye are prepared by having done a mind clearing and relaxation exercise

Once this done reach out with imaginary hands to the rope. Go hand over hand slowly up the rope. It is not uncommon that ye feel dizzy or a feeling of vertigo. This is simply the body loosening form the mind’s control. This will take a few time to clear and balance out. Too one might have to deal with the fear of falling.

Keep climbing hand over hand going upwards. As ye climb ye will start to have a heavy feeling to the body note this and simply keep climbing. As ye go higher ye will start to feel vibrations in the body and might well start to feel parlayed. Do not give into this feeling keep climbing.

Next ye will feel ye’s self coming free from the body and there might well be a “buzzing” around ye or in ye’s ears. Concentrate thought this seeing that the rope is there beside ye. Ye are now FREE from the body.

The good thing with the rope method is that the ROPE is like a safety net for ye to come back to and climb down.


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