The Astral Projection in MOTION

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The Astral Projection in MOTION

Post by Lynn on Fri Jun 04, 2010 10:25 pm

The Astral Projection in MOTION

The most common problem in Astral Projection is motion issues. When one leaves the body one has to learn control. Its like the first steps one takes when learning to walk. One has to take the body out of the equation and work only with the motion in the mind. Easier said than done and it does like learning to walk take time.

Astral momentum is the first thing one comes across. This is where one feels like one is moving forward when one had told the mind to stop the motion. This is the place where one might find they have traveled through a solid object such as wall ect.

One has to learn HOW to MOVE the best way is not think about the motion but to just be the motion, to just do it. You have to will yourself into motion. The best way to lean anything is to do it. Practice walking around one’s room before on projects out farther.

The next step is flight that learings to fly free. This again is done in the actions of the mind not in the actions of the body. This is best done in stages. Start by taking short flights. Go slightly up form the Earth then slowly come back down. One has to remember that there is NO gravity effecting ye in the Astral Plane.

The old school of thought was that there were levels to the speeds one traveled at. The new train of thought is that we all have our own vibration speed me move in.

Where can one travel and how far ? Well really there is NO limits but that of the mind keeping one back. Ye can go and obit the Earth, or soar out to the farthest of galaxies. The speed ye go at is controlled by ye. The time ye are gone for too is controlled by ye. Ye are always connected by the Silver Cord and are always able to see that cord. That is one’s life line to the body.

Things that stop one from Astral Projecting is fear, but its not always mind fears. Some are body fears. One can have a sensation of Waking Paralysis where one wakes with the feeling of being pinned or held to the bed or chair or floor. This is where the mind steps out but the body has not yet made the necessary adjustment.

The “Heavy Exit” This is in the state of starting to fall a sleep and being conscious one is out of the body. Its often called a double projection. This is simply a sudden energy serge . In time one can lean to balance this out.

The other is a “Torso Energy Serge”. This is a common sensation that stops the natural flow of a projection from occurring. One will have a surge of energy flow through the legs and the lower centers through the navel an the Solar Plexus moving to the heart and higher centers. This sensation will feel like one is falling. This feeling often makes one grab for something to hold onto. Stopping the flow of a projection. Too note that sexual arousal is not uncommon at this level. This usually occurs when one is trying to project from a laying on the back position. In altering the position to sitting or laying on one’s side usually stops this.

To move past this as an issue one has to lean to balance the energy flow in the body and clear any blocks one has . The biggest block on has is fear. The fear of a heavy exit, fear of what one will find when free from the body, religious fears, and the fear of doing wrong.

The fear of being out of the body is not an easy one to move past. The best way to overcome and move past this fear is to try during daylight hours. Taking it very slowly doing only a little at a time. To setting a clear mind path to where and what one is going to do.

To move past the Religious fear of breaking God’s laws. There is NO direct reference in the Bible stating that projections or OBE is wrong.


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