Dark Magic or Black Magic

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Dark Magic or Black Magic

Post by Lynn on Tue Jun 08, 2010 1:13 pm

Dark Magic or Black Magic

The term Dark Magic is often more commonly called Black Magic. It goes into the thoughts of Sorcerers or Witches . This is magic that draws on the more malevolent forces of nature and man. When one adds “Black” in the colour the mind automatically take ye to the thoughts of the darker or bad side of things.

This is not always the case like all magic’s there are levels to what and how it be used. It can be used to rid things from one’s home in unwanted insect or rodent pests. It can be used too for destruction of someone or to bring forth unrest to them.

Much has been written over the year’s to give the look of its is all “bad” is it that is up to the one using it really is it not ? If one sets out on the path to bring harm to another if they FEEL in them that is justified then to them it is NOT wrong. In some faiths any MAGIC is wrong or evil. It is writing in the Bible that there be God but too there be the counter to God that being Satan. So as in Magic there be the same Black and White Magic.

“The Left Hand Path and the Right Hand Path” are two opposing ideals. This idea goes to the Occult and Ceremonial Magic’s. The Left hand be the path to the Black Magic and the Right Hand be the path to the White Magic. In theory of Black Magic one is invoking the powers of darkness be that Satin or evil entities or even forces of nature. Where as White Magic bring in the theory of the power of the positives be that God, or Mother Earth, or Angels ect. Both are different paths but both set out on the same path to have a specific effect come to pass.

Dark Magic can go into the Moon Magic’s and other astral physical things. One can look to the Moon being the Dark and the Sun being the Light. Again it comes down to the one doing the magic one’s intentions. Black magic goes into main steam religions like Christianity. More modern is Paganism.

Spells, potions, incantations, curses ,hexes, and even Demon calling all fall into this path of Magic.


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