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An Elemental is mythological being first appearing in the alchemical works of Paracelsus.

The more traditional one’s are :

Gnomes - Earth Elementals

What is Gnome - well yes those funny ( at times) garden rearmaments. More though is more a very small or smallish Earth Spirit. Has its roots in Renaissance Magick and Alchemy, first introduced by Paracelsus. In more recent history Gnomes have had a huge resurgence .

Typically they are human in form and appearance BUT are small. Earth Spirits and said to live underground for the most part.

Undines - Water Elementals

What is an Undines ? - well what might come to mind a Mermaid. This is the more modern day image as there is a base similarity. They are female in form and human like in form. The common tale is that they are able to gain his Soul and marry to him and then bare his child.
They are usually found in forest ponds or Waterfalls. Where the more modern Mermaid is Ocean and Seas.

Sylph - Air Elemental

What is a Sylph ? - well the clouds in the sky similar to more modern day Angels. Too the yare said to be invisible creatures of the sky playground is the clouds. At times clouds that seem to appear to have wings that might well be a Sylph.

Salamanders - Fire Elemental

What is a Salamander ? - well as and Elemental it is NOT a lizard like creature. It is more a combination of a lizard and a humanoid. It is said to be surrounded by fire, thus is commonly goes to the Occult.


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